Capacity Development

Capacity development is not a goal on its own and is not limited to the development of individual capacity and enhancing individual skills and knowledge of individuals through the use of traditional ‘training’ approaches. The ability of people to utilise and apply new skills and knowledge is very much dependent on the quality of the organisation in which they work.  In turn the operations of the organisation are influenced by the enabling environment – the structures of power and influence and the institutions in which they are embedded. Therefore the success and effectiveness of capacity development interventions will be influenced by the organisation and the environment in which the organisation functions. LATH has been involved in supporting Capacity Development for more than 10 years in partnership with agencies such as DFID, USAID, SIDA, and WHO. LATH has been particularly engaged in health systems strengthening in developing countries, supporting Ministries of Health in Malawi, Kenya, and Mozambique making the transition to a sector-wide approach (SWAp).  LATH’s wide knowledge of health sector reform, SWAps, and health financing are evident through our current and past portfolio of programmes.