Health Economics & Finance

Sound planning constitutes a fundamental tool in strengthening health systems, which in turn contributes directly to enhancing the impact of health care interventions on health outcomes, and thus to the improvement of the population’s health. In this context, health economics and financing considerations have played an increasingly important role in informing health policy and represent a necessary component of the planning and evaluation process. We are committed to supporting low and middle income countries and their partners in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of health policies, strategies, and delivery mechanisms. We believe that this work should be complemented, wherever possible, by utilising economics and financing tools to support the:

  • Development of appropriate pro-poor financing strategies and mechanisms
  • Design and implementation of budgeting and costing tools
  • Comparison between real resource needs and financial constraints
  • Selection of cost effective interventions


Left Health Economics and Finance Consultant, Amanda Tyrell, pictured centre, on a short term assignment for LATH in the Youth Park, Hanoi, Vietnam. Amanda is pictured with technicians from the central blood bank who are performing copper sulphate testing as part of a cost-effectiveness comparison between anaemia testing methods.